What is 65 in “Chicken 65” ?

About Chicken 65:-

Chicken 65 was firstly originated from chennai in 1965 at the famous Buhari Restaurant. It is a classic dish of south Indian Cuisine. Some of the theories , say that Chicken 65 is been as cut into 65 pieces and made with 65 ingredients. So please have a read below:-

1) Time To Marinate:-

The Marinade for the dish takes 65 days to prepare , However , the reason was to retains its freshness and flavour.

2) Preparation:-

Chicken 65 was made with 65 kinds of spicy chillies (ginger , cumin , curry leaves , turmeric and many more)

3) Trivia:-

Yet another source is related to Indian army soldiers , who frequently visited military canteens in chennai , so the menu was set in tamil language , so they could bot read it , so they ordered the dishes by specifying the 65 no on the dish , so thats also the reason.

So , guys this is all about the Chicken 65 , Hope you guys enjoyed it reading.

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 Source Credit – Times Of India

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