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Hi , guys , You would be guessing what Khane Ka Bhukkad is , so lets me tell you about us . Khane Ka Bhukkad is a foodie portal that talks about the restaurants that serves food in Town , it is a foodie's dream like us to have you all tell about the good and best food that is being served in our towns , but not so popular and has not come in the lights of the people , so guys follow us to endeavour the foodies's world.

Our Story

Every Idea has a beginning , Khane Ka Bhukkad had one too. So , guys let us tell you all about our story , it is not such a big story , but you will find it interesting . From our starting days we saw a various of outlets near us , that served very good food , but not be recognised and were shutting down , so it stuck to our head , and there was , the khane ka bhukkad's portal starting , but like every startup has some problems , we also had , that was how to setup , so after a month's research , we come upto organise khanekabhukkad on all social platforms and got connected with all the restaurants near us , so here is our story , Thanking You.....

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