“Ardor 2.1”

Hi , guys , Today , i will take you to such a restaurant , by name you would thought that it is a name of a robot , but actually , it is a restaurant name , so guys are you ready to read the whole journey , through our blog. The Pizza and Kebab festival is also going on there , so do please have a read.

“Ambience and Services”

So , let us tell you about the ambience and service of Ardor 2.1 , The ambience was good and location was nice , It is well situated , perfectly made , interiors are nice , outdoor is good , and what to tell about the service it was good , polite , nicely served , one of the issue is that there are waiters that doen’t know the name of the dishes.

Food And Drinks

So , now let me tell you about the Food and drinks that we ordered , It had very catchy names and was presented Very good , so here our the items:

  • Shirley Temple

A perfectly blend Mocktail served With coca , had a great taste , sweet taste , red in colour , so guys wanted to try have a visit at Ardor 2.1 at a cost of Rs 165 only.

  • Bay Bellini

A very notorious , sweet mocktail , that had a flavour of Kiwi , lemon and that was topped up with sprite , so guys do have a visit to Ardor 2.1 to taste it at a price of Rs 165 only.

  • Fried Corn chaat

The Best ever Best is here , It is a well fried corn chaat , that had a flavour of spicy red mirch , had a very wonderful taste , was delicious , so guys do have a visit to try it😙

  • Crispy Veg Pizza

The Best ever , vegetarian Pizza is here , It is a well made , soft , crusty , cheesy pizza , and all the vegetables were sprinkled in a way that they tasted very good , so guys do have a visit to try their food.

  • Veg Platter

Heading , Towards the very best Veg Platter , it was a very big , huge plated platter , in which dishes like , paneer tikka and soya chaap and much more was served , it was very delicious , marvellous , outstanding , awesome , so guys , do have a try.


Ardor 2.1 is situated in very Famous nightlife area of delhi , that is connaught place , it is situated in the N block of Connaught Place , opposite to K.F.C

So , guys This is all about Ardor 2.1 , Hope , you guys enjoyed it reading and will definitely have a visit and would try their food.

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