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About Dum Maro Dum:-

Hi , Guys Today I would talk about a restaurant , that is a must go visit to enjoy the best ever curated drinks and food in the heart of North Delhi , so the name of the restaurant is “Dum Maro Dum”. It has been recently opened with a Bang. So , guys let now move towards its ambience and service.

Ambience and Service:-

Now , What to tell you about its ambience , the exteriors and interiors are mindblowing , they had two floors with a rooftop , and interiors are made with a brilliance , a lot of hard work is done , is being seen there. Now , let us move towards its awesome dishes and drinks.

Food and Drinks:-

So , Now Guys let us move towards the #important Part of the whole , the food and drinks , so a lot of dinks and food were served , Here are some of them:-

  • “Banana Hazelnut Shake”

A , Very well served Shake. Presentation of the shake was awesome and marvellous. It tasted very delicious and good. Its a must try for all shake lovers.

  • Pav Bhaaji Fondue

As , You all know , that Pav Bhaaji Fondue is new edition to the very old Pav Bhaaji , that has been recently introduced and is now served among all restaurants , so we tried this at Dum Maro Dum. It was perfectly prepared and was very yummy. So , do have a try to it.

  • ‘Soya Chaap”

It was good to order Soya Chaap , as it is my favourite also. It was very good and was looking nice and also it tasted very delicious and yummy . So , guys do have a try to this at Dum Maro Dum.

  • “Veg Cheese Nachos”

Nachos a dish, that is now trending all over the restaurants and people. So , we also tried it at Dum Maro Dum. It was ,very delicious and presentation was wonderful and outstanding. We ordered it two times , as it was very tasty. So , Its a must try at Dum Maro Dum.

  • “Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream”

If you are a dessert lover, you would know that it completes the meal , so we also ordered the most eated Dessert “chocolate Brownie with Ice cream” ,it was marvellous in taste and looked awesome. So , do have a try to it.


So , Guys the Location of “Dum Maro Dum” is , in the Most Promising Area of Delhi , that is the North Delhi , in the Hudson Lane in “GTB Nagar”. For the Complete Address , please refer to the restaurant on Zomato.

So , guys this is all about the “Dum Maro Dum” Restaurant , Hope you guys enjoyed it reading and will definitely have a visit to them☺☺

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