Hi , guys , Today , I would tell you about the most awaited deal of the year in the donuts industry by “Dunkin And Donuts” . As you all know , that donuts are the most sweetiest food to eat , well only some people doesn’t eat donuts , but some are so curious about Donuts , that they go in night to eat donuts , so as you all know that “Dunkin and Donuts” is the biggest brand to sell donuts , all over the world , and is liked by all the people all over the world , so guys , let further , i would discuss what is the” Steal and Deal” offer.


The offer says , That a person can choose their favourite 6 donuts , that they want to eat and can make a box that would be reasonable and would suit the person’s budget and a Total value for money and the box is designed in a way that a person can uplift it and take away.


Firstly , I would tell you that all the 6 flavours that i tried was “Best out of Best”

1)  Choco Frosted :-

What! a donut , I say , it was a chocolate lover’s dream , to eat such a donut , it was soft , fully filled chocolate , delicious , yummy , tasty , marvellous , overwhelming , so guys if you are a chocolate lover , please do have a try.

2) Classic Glazed :-

A , whole filled classic donut that is covered with shinny sugary coating that makes it , a wonderful looking shinny donut , and what to tell about the taste , it was delicious , marvellous and as amazing as ever.

3) Cutie Fruity :-

The No 1 donut , that I loved Very much , because its taste and looks looked marvellous , awesome , different from all other , and main attraction was rainbow stripes that were made on it.

4) Cinnamon Ring Donut :-

A normal , donut that has sugar syrup and cinnamon powder sprinkled over it and that is a donut that a person can have over chai or coffee , that tastes well , delicious , tasty , yummy and awesome.

5) Jelly Filled Donut :-

The last , not but the least , a wonderful donut , that is main showstopper among all the donuts , that i tried , because like all other donuts it doesn’t have a centred circle in it , so guys do have a try to this type of donut.

so , guys this is all about the “Dunkin and Donuts” steal the deal offer , Hope you guys enjoyed it reading and will definitely have a visit to them.

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6 thoughts on ““DUNKIN DONUTS” (STEAL a DEAL)


    (29th July 2017 - 4:32 pm)

    Are , They delicious , Isn’t it


      (30th July 2017 - 10:40 pm)

      Yes , They are very delicious , yummy and tasty🤗❤👍😥😙

    Foodie Fork

    (9th August 2017 - 8:28 pm)

    Nicely written


    (9th August 2017 - 10:06 pm)

    I loved amazing clicks …looks yummy

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