Is It Healthy To eat Soaked Almonds with the Peel?


As , from the Name only , you got to know , about what we are talking?

“Almonds” , all of us , in lifetime had once almonds , but neither of us , know what is the right way and what are its benefits , so do have a look now:-

1)Helps In Digestion:

Tannin is contained in the Brown peel of Almonds , which inhibits nutrient absorption in the body. Soaked almonds help with Digestion as they release an enzyme called Liapse , which is beneficial for fat digestion.

2)Effective in Weight Loss:

Raw almonds contain monounsaturated fat that might curb your appetite. Soaking overnight helps in keeping them light and triggers weight loss.

3)Keeps Heart Healthy:

Soaking Almonds , overnight helps in keeping the heart healthy , because it decreases the level of bad cholestrol and increases good cholestrol.

4)Regulates Blood Pressure:

Regular use of soaked almonds also helps in maintaining glucose levels and regulating high Blood Pressure.

5)Fights Cancer:

Amygdalin (Vitamin B17) is a good source to cure cancer , and you will be shock to know that it is present in Soaked Almonds.

So , guys , Hope you , enjoyed it reading.

Source Credit – Times of India

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