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Hi , Guys , Today I will tell you about such a restaurant , Bar , lounge. From the name , you will think , it is a small and not so popular restaurant , but , it is the largest of all restaurants and gives a large spacious dining  experience to all the people with good facilities. So , The name of that wholesale Bar is “Local” , yes guys so read it right the name is “Local”.

Ambience And Service:-

What! to tell about their ambience , it is the bestest among all , a luxury restaurant with proper arrangements and facilities. Service was not so quick but fine and was polite and friendly too.

Food And Drinks:-

Now , shall we move forward to their food and drinks that were served to us , that are as follows:-

  • Sattu Man Mattu

It is well oriented mocktail , light red and orange in colour , tastes good and refreshing with a mixture of sattu , lychee juice , watermelon and rock salt , you can have it at a price of rs 195 only.

  • Coffee Caramel Shake

Coffee and Caramel lovers , do have a try to this shake , i personally didn’t loved it so much , but hope , you will love it. It is a mixture of coffee , caramel syrup , ice cream and milk , you can have it at a price of rs 215 only.

  • Vada Pav

This is the best dish , that I had. For the First time , i loved vada Pav , so much that I eated 2 , it was a well served Pav with aloo stuffing and sprinkled with green chilli on top , and served with 2 chutneys , so you can try it at a price of rs 145 only.

  • Raj Kachori

By , the name only , you understand what it is , it is the most delicious of all , a marvellous dish , tasty ,yummy and awesome , so guys , i would not tell so , further , only i would say , please have a try to this dish at a price of rs 175 only.

  • “Dinner Time”

In , Mains , They served us Chicken curry , Dal Makhni , Breads with salad and chutney , you can have a look at the photo down the way and , to tell about the taste , it was awesome , delicious , yummy and much more.

  • Chocolate Brownie Served with Ice Cream(Dessert)

Aha! , It was fully chocolaty Brownie served with Vanilla ice cream , it was delicious , marvellous , yummy and tasty , so guys , you should must try this there.


“Local” (wholesale Bar) is situated in the nighthub area of the capital of India – “Delhi” in the connaught place side , The exact location is KG Marg , Connaught Place.

So , guys this is all about the “Local” restaurant .Hope you , guys enjoyed it reading and will definitely have a visit there😙😙

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