What is 65 in “Chicken 65” ?

About Chicken 65:- Chicken 65 was firstly originated from chennai in 1965 at the famous Buhari Restaurant. It is a classic dish of south Indian Cuisine. Some of the theories , say that Chicken 65 is been as cut into 65 pieces and made with 65 ingredients. So please have a read below:- 1) Time […]

Are You Older Than The Vintage Avenue Restaurant?

About The Vintage Avenue:- Hi , guys today I would tell you about a restaurant , whose name is a compliment to old things , so here is the name of the restaurant , it is “The Vintage Avenue” , So guys then move towards the Brief:- Ambience And Service:- What to tell about , […]

“MASTER OF MALTS” (A Master is Born)

About Master Of Malts: Hi , guys , Today , I will tell you about a Master that has been opened in the Form of a restaurant in Connaught Place , so the name of the restaurant is “Master of Malts” Ambience And Service:- So , Guys What to tell about the Ambience and Service. […]


About “Local” Hi , Guys , Today I will tell you about such a restaurant , Bar , lounge. From the name , you will think , it is a small and not so popular restaurant , but , it is the largest of all restaurants and gives a large spacious dining  experience to all […]

Is It Healthy To eat Soaked Almonds with the Peel?

About: As , from the Name only , you got to know , about what we are talking? “Almonds” , all of us , in lifetime had once almonds , but neither of us , know what is the right way and what are its benefits , so do have a look now:- 1)Helps In […]

The Great India Beer Festival (The Biggest Of The All is Here)

About The Great India Beer Festival:- The Great India Beer fest is powered and Presented by none other than “Red Rocks Entertainment Pvt Limited” The Great India Beer Festival is all about Beer Being educated and served among the people who. ,truly are music lovers and Beer connoisseurs by hundreds of real ales and craft […]


“Ardor 2.1” Hi , guys , Today , i will take you to such a restaurant , by name you would thought that it is a name of a robot , but actually , it is a restaurant name , so guys are you ready to read the whole journey , through our blog. The […]

Is It Possible to have A unlimited Thali at Panchratna Thaal?

PANCHRATNA THAAL: Till now the best restaurant I have ever had an amazing combination of punjabi , rajasthani and gujrati food. Yesterday I went with my friends to the restaurant , the place was nice , ambience was best , service was outstanding and what! to tell about the food , it was overwhelming and […]


Mystique Melange I went there with my friends , a rajasthani and punjabi food festival was going on , so we dine – in , the location and ambience was awesome , the service was quick and soft spoken and what to tell about the food , it was awesome👌👌😗😗 , marvellous , delicious , […]


“TOO INDIAN” “Too Indian” – What i say is less about the restaurant because from opening and till now , I have been with them and how much they promote is outstanding because they wanted every Delhiwala to come and enjoy the true flavours of india , authenticity , best chefs , presentation and delicious […]